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2010-08-01 18:20:00 by TheTOMEKnights

You may have thought that we abandoned the spin-off. Well, you thought wrong! All this time we've actually been working on a new and improved REVAMPED The TOME Knights! I've grown as an animator and practiced the past few months so expect some pretty BIG changes in style! I've also recruited two writers from the TTA Fan Forum, Muzza-Sensei and Sgeia, along with a brilliant spriter who goes by the name AngryRobot. Much to my dismay Tails Clock has left the project, but hopefully he'll come back later.

Episode 1 of TTA: The TOME Knights should be out soon, but for more information check out the interview of the creator(me) here: 7f2ee8d4a64185562444fc46e37d08

Please note that I took down episode 2 and 3 since it gives us a bad image. I would take down episode 1, but for some reason Newgrounds won't let me.

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2010-08-04 18:09:44

Okay, I admit it, I've been a dick in the past. My fondest apologies for that, I guess I just didn't want to admit that the Kirb Really Did cut the series. Anyways, I seriously wish you guys luck on all future projects, and I hope that your side of the series is as cool as Kirb's was.
Luck to ya,
ShatterPalm, avid TTA fan.


2010-08-04 21:08:08

dont worry Danny, i bet TC will come back eventualy. and if somehow you forgot, its Tofuchao


2010-08-12 14:28:58

Good luck on The Tome Knights. I look forward to seeing it.

(Updated ) TheTOMEKnights responds:

Thanks yoyo121~Dannydk6


2010-08-23 14:58:00

why not? it was really good!

TheTOMEKnights responds:

It was good in a way Taro, but it doesn't show our true talents now and we get misjudged for it. ~Dannydk6